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Sep 13, 2018

On this episode, we speak with Bakari Sellers. He’s a graduate of Morehouse College. Bakari is an attorney, politician, CNN political commentator and he’s adding to the national conversation on race, politics and social justice as the host of his popular podcast, Viewpoint with Bakari Sellers.  During the episode, we discuss his HBCU experience, his career, and his political future. Bakari 2020?


“You’re in classes, you’re in dorms and on teams with other people who are going to have a place in society, have upward mobility, be successful. Iron sharpens iron.” — Bakari Sellers

“I think one of the things Morehouse and all HBCUs do is teach when you leave that school, you can compete anywhere and against anyone. Morehouse reinforces that for sure.” — Bakari Sellers


Interest in Politics [6:09]

Political Commentary [11:00]

Would you sit down with Trump? [15:52]

Would you run for President of the U.S.? [20:29]

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