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Aug 23, 2018

On this episode, we speak with Jahylin Mckee. She’s a graduate of Savannah State University. Jahylin is the owner and lead publicist for J. McKee & Co. having worked exclusively with Remy Ma, New York & LA Fashion Week, Calvin Klein, and BET to name a few.  During this episode, we discuss her experience as an HBCU queen and how consistently sending her resume to Cardi B’s publicist landed her an internship and job.



“You are not a number. You are definitely joining a village of people that support you way beyond the classroom.” — Jahylin McKee

“Had I not gone to Savannah State, who I am today, my career path and just the way I navigate throughout life and look at life would have been completely different,” —  Jahylin McKee



High School/College Relationship [9:48]

Being An HBCU Queen [14:17 - 23:00]

HBCU Queens & Kings Conf. [24:25 - 29:03]

Career as Publicist [33:00]



Instagram: @LifeAsJahylin