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Aug 16, 2018

On this episode, we speak with Jameer Pond. He’s a graduate of Lincoln University. Jameer is a successful Media Personality and Content Creator. His lively personality can be seen and heard on shows like The Grapevine, We Shall Over Chug, Black Boy Joy and AOL’s “Build Brunch.” During this episode, we discuss his HBCU experience, his former life as a comedian and he drops some major career gems for those interested in the digital media industry.


“The culture and Black fabric of millennials is heavily populated by people that have went to HBCUs and obtained degrees from HBCUs.” — Jameer Pond

“There’s an influx of love, positivity and cultural movement from people who went to HBCUs in 2018.” — Jameer Pond



Young Jameer [15:21]

Work in Media (Def Jam, BET etc.) [20:20]

Content Creator Gems [32:20 - 47:20]

Homecoming at Lincoln [54:20]

Why Choose HBCU[ 01:01:12 ]



Instagram: @ItsJameer

The Grapevine

We Shall Over Chug

Black Boy Joy