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May 24, 2018

On this episode, we speak with Rashan Ali. She’s a graduate of Florida A & M University. Rashan is a media maven having worked in all facets of media including radio, television, and podcasting. She’s currently the host of The Cool Soror Podcast and a co-host on TVOne’s hit Daytime Talkshow Sister Circle.

During the episode, we discuss her HBCU experience, her career in entertainment and she blesses us with endless words of wisdom.


“God needed to see me be okay with where I was before He could elevate me.” –– Rashan Ali

“This life is about exploring everything that God has placed in your heart and if He put it on your heart, how dare you not try.” –– Rashan Ali


Choosing Florida A & M University [3:18 ]
Career Journey [ 9:20 - 17:00 ]
The Cool Soror Podcast [ 17:18]
Sister Circle TV [ 23:00 ]
Sporty Girls Inc. + Giving [ 32:40 ]
Best of FAMU [ 39:20 ]

Find more information about Rashan by visiting or follow her on social media @RashanAli