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Jun 21, 2018

On this episode, we speak with the Werkaholic herself, Ms.Koereylle Dubose. She’s a graduate of Tennessee State University. Koereyelle is an Author, International Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur. She’s the Creator of Single Wives Club, Werk • Pray • Slay Weekend and host of the Confessions Of A Werkaholic Podcast. During the episode, we discuss her HBCU experience, her impactful conference weekend that offers real instruction on topics like retirement planning, managing stress and not only how to secure the bag, but manage how to manage it.

“What’s meant for you cannot miss you.”

“You can’t survive this journey of entrepreneurship or really just the journey of life if you don’t have faith.”

“There’s nowhere else under the sun that you will get to experience Black excellence like you will at an HBCU.”


Evolving into Who You’re Meant To Be [14:45]
Having Faith [17:24]
Confessions Of A Werkaholic Podcast [19:45]
Life At TSU [26:30]
Should Entrepreneurs Go To College? [31:00]

Find more information about Koreyelle by visiting • or follow her on social media @Koreyelle