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Mar 8, 2018

March is Women’s History Month and The HBCU Podcast is celebrating with our “Phenomenal Woman” series. The series features  5 episodes dedicated to highlighting women who have made great strides in their respective career fields to achieve great success.

On this episode, we speak with Harriet Huell Lampkin. She’s a graduate of Claflin University. Harriet is an attorney and non-profit executive director. During this episode, we talk about her HBCU experience, mentorship, the business of law and giving.

For more information about Harriet Huell Lampkin, follow her on Twitter @AskAttyLampkin and Facebook @ Harriet Huell Lampkin. You can find more information about The Lampkin Law Firm at


“Claflin trained me to go anywhere… What my HBCU experience taught me was how to compete on any stage with anybody in the world.” - Harriet Lampkin, Esq.

  • Importance of Mentorship [7:40]
  • The business of Law  [17:00]
  • Living a life of giving and HBCU giving [21:45]